Sugaring-off Menu Kit for 4 People


The sugaring-off menu kit for 4 people… our homemade delights delivered at your doorstep!


Pea soup, 1 L.

Sausages baked in maple syrup, 1 L.

Sugar-shack baked beans, 1 L.

Maple smoked ham, 600 g.

Choice of meat pies:

The Deluxe: minced pork and pulled pork, bacon, cheese curds.


The Full Load: croissant-style butter crust, minced pork and pulled pork, bacon and whole cheese.

Choice of: pickled beets (400 ml) or fruit ketchup (400 ml).

Crispy pork rinds, 100 g.

Poor man’s pudding cake

Maple taffy, 200 ml.

You can customize your kit by adding any of our delicious products to your cart such as cretons, bacon, homemade baloney in maple syrup, maple-sugar rolls, maple butter or maple caramel with sea salt.

Products are delivered at your doorstep in an insulated cooler. Your presence is therefore not required. The delivery service is provided by Dicom.


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